Ensuring Quality

Our audited facilities reflect our dedication to producing high quality packaging for our customers.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI)

All of the linerboard and medium used is sourced from SFI certified paper mills.

The standards that have been outlined for mills, and that the landowners must follow, have been developed to maintain the long-term health of our forests and the biodiversity of their ecosystems.

BRCGS – Packaging Materials

Our American Packaging division is a BRC Certified facility.

This global standard recognizes that the location is providing packaging supplies that meet the rigorous standard of quality and characteristics critical to food producers.

AIB International

AIB International is a leading food safety-focused organization that offers food safety training, various certifications, and conducts Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) audits.

The Fulfillment Center on our Lawrence campus is AIB audited.

These GMP audits are measured against a set of inspection standards—in our case, the Prerequisite & Food Safety Programs for Food Distribution Centers. Certification shows proper implementation of the food safety policies and procedures required to ensure food stuffs, and other related products, are safe for use and/or consumption by consumers.

The employees, processes, and equipment throughout Lawrence Paper Company mean that our customers can trust us with delivering on their box needs.

Contact us to learn more about why us having these certifications can be important to you.